Candidate Finance Reports
2018 Election Cycle
Candidate Office Reports Last Filed
Battiata, RussHospital Board Northern District, Seat 148/3/2018
Beggs, WesleyCounty Commissioner, Dist. 4108/10/2018
Bock, AudieSarasota Soil & Water District, Group 137/5/2018
Brown, ShirleySchool Board, Dist. 498/10/2018
Caffrey, BrianBobcat Trail CDD, Seat 468/10/2018
Coe, AlexandraCounty Commissioner, Dist. 2178/10/2018
Connelly, KevinCharter Review Board, Dist. 568/7/2018
Cosentino, MikeCounty Commissioner, Dist. 458/10/2018
Dorfman, RichardCharter Review Board, Dist. 288/11/2018
Gabbert, JamesCharter Review Board, Dist. 416/28/2018
Gavette, PamelaSchool Board, Dist. 5108/13/2018
Goldman, JudyCounty Judge, Group 435/9/2018
Goodwin, JaneSchool Board, Dist. 5198/10/2018
Gorgas, SharonBobcat Trail CDD, Seat 458/10/2018
Guy, NickSchool Board, Dist. 1138/11/2018
Hawkins, MarkCounty Commissioner, Dist. 491/12/2018
Jouniari, RutaCounty Commissioner, Dist. 288/10/2018
Justice, JosephCharter Review Board, Dist. 357/4/2018
LaPinska, DeborahCharter Review Board, Dist. 568/9/2018
Linden, RichardSchool Board, Dist. 578/14/2018
Lohr, KristaCharter Review Board, Dist. 158/10/2018
Maio, AlanCounty Commissioner, Dist. 4118/9/2018
Meister, JamesHospital Board Northern District, Seat 1117/24/2018
Nordstedt, JohnBobcat Trail CDD, Seat 258/11/2018
Rainford, NeilCharter Review Board, Dist. 168/13/2018
Ramirez, LourdesCounty Commissioner, Dist. 498/9/2018
Rose, KarenSchool Board, Dist. 498/10/2018
Simmons, Mindy LouCharter Review Board, Dist. 258/10/2018
Willis, JustinSchool Board, Dist. 568/10/2018
Ziegler, BridgetSchool Board, Dist. 178/10/2018
Ziegler, ChristianCounty Commissioner, Dist. 2108/10/2018
Committee Reports Last Filed
Citizens for Better Schools Inc268/14/2018
Control Growth Now PAC238/10/2018
Every Student Every Day38/6/2018
Libertarian Party of Sarasota County (disbanded)54/11/2018
Open Our Elections153/27/2018
Reopen Beach Road, Inc.328/10/2018
Republican Party of Sarasota85/14/2018
Sarasota Alliance for Fair Elections (SAFE)248/10/2018
Sarasota Citizens for Our Schools228/9/2018
Sarasota County Democratic Party 54/5/2018
Save Our Community Hospital228/9/2018
Steady Reasonable Quality Sarasota198/9/2018
The Children Are Our Future118/9/2018
Vote Yes For the Sarasota County Legacy Trail Extension78/10/2018