Sarasota County, FL - Board of Elections

Sarasota County Supervisor of Elections Staff

Sarasota County Supervisor of Elections
Ron Turner Supervisor of Elections
Finance & Candidate Services
Cathy Fowler Director, Finance & Candidate Services
Amy Lynn Potter Administrative Assistant
Human Resources & Poll Worker Services
Jennifer Fett Director, Human Resources & Poll Worker Services
Pam Cutrone Poll Worker Coordinator
Eileen Everhart Training Coordinator
Michelle Carroll Deputy Registrar
Information Technology & Technical Services
Terry Williams Director, Information Technology & Technical Services
Information Technology
Antoine Henry GIS Administrator
Marcus Crow Systems Administrator
Marty Gueli Network Administrator
Voting Equipment Facility
Bobby Walker Technical Services Administrator
Patrick VanCooten Technical Services Administrative Assistant
Patricia Kline Deputy Registrar
Public Information
Barbara Bain Public Information Coordinator
Voter and Vote-by-Mail Services
Voter Services - Sarasota
Tracy Smith Voter Services Coordinator
Joyce Soltis Administrative Assistant
Brenda Luna Deputy Registrar
Michelle Tuffland Deputy Registrar
Linette Capierseho Deputy Registrar
Voter Services - Venice
Terrina Powell Voter Services Coordinator
Tom Dagg Deputy Registrar
Voter Services - North Port
Liz Brennan Voter Services Coordinator
Sheri Hunt Deputy Registrar
Melissa Nolte Deputy Registrar
Vote-by-Mail (Absentee) Ballots
Suzanne MacFarlane Vote-by-Mail Coordinator
Steven Connell Assistant Coordinator
Olga Castro Deputy Registrar