Candidate Finance Reports
2010 Election Cycle
Candidate Office Reports Last Filed
Aiken, StephenCounty Commissioner, District 269/15/2010
Antunes, CatherineCounty Commissioner, District 21212/3/2010
Arend, LonCounty Judge, Group 327/27/2010
Balson, GwynneLakeside Plantation CDD, Seat 281/8/2011
Barbetta, JosephCounty Commissioner, District 2149/22/2011
Beach, ThomasCounty Judge, Group 346/22/2010
Boehm, MaryAnnCounty Judge, Group 3611/29/2010
Bolam, KathyCharter Review Board, District 3611/17/2010
Bonner, KimberlyCounty Judge, Group 515/5/2010
Brown, ShirleySchool Board, District 4310/12/2010
Butz, StefanCharter Review Board, District 117/13/2010
Connelly, KevinCharter Review Board, District 51012/2/2010
Cooper, CharlesCharter Review Board, District 417/13/2010
Copeland, RobertCharter Review Board, District 249/2/2010
Davis, RasheenCounty Commissioner, District 411/8/2010
Del Purgatorio, DavidCharter Review Board, District 582/9/2011
Donegan, RichardHospital Board At Large, Seat 2212/2/2010
Farmer, FrederickCharter Review Board, District 238/16/2010
Fields, StevenCharter Review Board, District 2811/19/2010
Galen, PhyllisCounty Judge, Group 115/5/2010
Gallo, JaneLakeside Plantation CDD, Seat 2211/4/2010
Goodwin, JaneSchool Board, District 5411/29/2010
Hardt, T.Hospital Board Southern District, Seat 1812/7/2010
Harrington, DianaCharter Review Board, District 291/31/2011
Hawkins, MarkCounty Commissioner, District 4111/28/2011
Hodgson, CathySchool Board, District 414/12/2010
James, KathrynSchool Board, District 548/30/2010
Klos, LevkoHospital Board Southern District, Seat 1410/20/2010
Lee, TracyCounty Judge, Group 337/26/2010
Lee, TracyCounty Judge, Group 359/21/2010
Miller, AdamCharter Review Board, District 348/30/2010
Moore, DawnCharter Review Board, District 359/15/2010
Neunder, JoeSchool Board, Dist. 179/20/2010
Patterson, NoraCounty Commissioner, District 4111/26/2011
Smith, MarkCounty Commissioner, District 4710/5/2010
Strasser, RobertHospital Board Northern District, Seat 21012/22/2010
Todd (incumbent), CarolSchool Board, Dist. 169/13/2010
Upshaw, ThelmaHospital Board Northern District, Seat 2811/5/2010
Woolf, BarrySchool Board, Dist. 188/18/2010
Committee Reports Last Filed
Better Sarasota Schools for Less91/6/2011
Citizens for a Better Sarasota26/24/2009
Citizens for Better Schools Inc131/5/2011
Citizens for Quality Government 144/4/2011
Citizens for Quality of Life of Sarasota County Inc14/10/2009
Citizens for Sensible Growth in Sarasota County Inc54/8/2010
Committee for Jobs Now610/14/2010
Concerned Taxpayers PC 412/15/2009
Control Growth Now PAC131/13/2011
Republican Party of Sarasota81/10/2011
Sarasota Alliance for Fair Elections (SAFE)131/2/2011
Sarasota County Democratic Party 81/10/2011
Sarasota Demands Accountability INC71/4/2011
Sarasota Equality Project167/11/2011
Sarasota Needs Accountability Inc (ECO)210/29/2010