Sarasota County, FL - Board of Elections
Candidate Finance Reports
2016 Election Cycle
Candidate Office Reports Last Filed
Atkins, FreddCounty Commissioner, Dist. 1462/6/2017
Augustinowicz, WaltCharter Review Board, Dist. 589/2/2016
Barcomb, DonnaCharter Review Board, Dist. 21411/2/2016
Barton, ToddClerk of the Circuit Court and Comptroller3511/30/2016
Beane, AnneBobcat Trail CDD, Seat 31911/29/2016
Bender, JamesTax Collector151/4/2017
Blucher, JimCounty Commissioner, Dist. 359/30/2015
Boehm, MaryAnnCounty Judge, Group 3156/27/2016
Brandi, CherylHospital Board At Large, Seat 32012/1/2016
Collins-Fleming, KarenCharter Review Board, Dist. 21610/28/2016
Connelly, KevinHospital Board At Large, Seat 12011/30/2016
Davenport, JodyHospital Board Central District, Seat 1292/7/2017
DeJongh, JohnHospital Board At Large, Seat 11011/21/2016
DePeters, SharonHospital Board At Large, Seat 12012/8/2016
Detert, NancyCounty Commissioner, Dist. 3109/22/2016
DiCicco, FrankCounty Commissioner, Dist. 11111/28/2016
Dippolito, JohnSchool Board, Dist. 317/14/2016
Eaton, RichardCounty Commissioner, Dist. 558/8/2016
Ford-Coates, BarbaraTax Collector2111/30/2016
Furst, BillProperty Appraiser89/22/2016
Galen, PhyllisCounty Judge, Group 125/12/2016
Hill, CindySchool Board, Dist. 328/10/2016
Hines, CharlesCounty Commissioner, Dist. 5139/22/2016
Hudgins, JodyCharter Review Board, Dist. 41511/28/2016
Hudson, TrammHospital Board At Large, Seat 22011/14/2016
Knight, TomSheriff159/22/2016
Malone, MargueriteHospital Board At Large, Seat 31611/30/2016
Mast, TeresaSchool Board, Dist. 21610/25/2016
McFarland, DeloresHospital Board Northern District, Seat 12611/30/2016
McNamee, DougBobcat Trail CDD, Seat 5161/23/2017
Meister, JamesHospital Board Northern District, Seat 12211/14/2016
Miller, Alexandra "Alex"Hospital Board Central District, Seat 113/10/2016
Moran, MichaelCounty Commissioner, Dist. 1321/5/2017
Neff, RobertCharter Review Board, Dist. 2202/17/2017
Nohl, LynnBobcat Trail CDD, Seat 31612/1/2016
Noonan, WilliamHospital Board Central District, Seat 11511/15/2016
Patalano, TomCharter Review Board, Dist. 31711/4/2016
Porter, RamonCharter Review Board, Dist. 42012/13/2016
Pucci, EnricoBobcat Trail CDD, Seat 51611/22/2016
Quartermaine, ErikaCounty Judge, Group 557/27/2016
Robinson, EricSchool Board, Dist. 3139/22/2016
Rohe, VicCharter Review Board, Dist. 2109/7/2016
Rushing, KarenClerk of the Circuit Court and Comptroller231/25/2017
Samuel, DavidCharter Review Board, Dist. 5161/23/2017
Sawyer, JosephCharter Review Board, Dist. 1211/30/2017
Schwabach, ReidHospital Board At Large, Seat 21611/30/2016
Shlasko, MikeCharter Review Board, Dist. 51511/25/2016
Stickley, A. J.School Board, Dist. 275/10/2016
Sutphin, MichaelHospital Board At Large, Seat 189/8/2016
Sweeting, ArleneCharter Review Board, Dist. 11512/17/2016
Turner, RonSupervisor of Elections169/22/2016
Wayman, PatCharter Review Board, Dist. 31511/16/2016
Zucker, CarolineSchool Board, Dist. 23112/12/2016
Committee Reports Last Filed
Citizens for Better Schools Inc341/3/2017
Control Growth Now PAC341/9/2017
Open Our Elections331/9/2017
Reopen Beach Road, Inc.1612/12/2016
Republican Party of Sarasota81/4/2017
Sarasota Alliance for Fair Elections (SAFE)331/3/2017
Sarasota Citizens for Our Schools331/9/2017
Sarasota County Democratic Party 81/4/2017
Save Our Community Hospital3411/19/2018