Candidate Finance Reports
2008 Election Cycle
Candidate Office Reports Last Filed
Bailey, TiffanySarasota Soil & Water District, Group 517/18/2006
Bell, JeffreySheriff110/1/2007
Brown, TimothySarasota Soil & Water District, Group 117/6/2006
Capozzi, WilliamLakeside Plantation CDD, Seat 415/5/2008
Carafelli, TeresaHospital Board Central District, Seat 175/19/2008
Clarke, DonnaTax Collector74/21/2008
Cohen, JenniferCounty Commissioner, District 313/15/2006
Couch, DaveHospital Board Central District, Seat 176/17/2008
Denkin, DavidCounty Judge, Group 2110/19/2007
Dunklee, LawrenceSheriff51/18/2008
Ford-Coates, BarbaraTax Collector812/4/2007
Furst, BillProperty Appraiser51/7/2008
Gross, BarbaraCounty Commissioner, District 365/4/2007
Gustafson, DavidSheriff64/20/2007
Herlihy, JohnSheriff18/10/2007
Hoffman-Meketon, VirginiaCharter Review Board, District 276/20/2008
Jensen, WilliamHospital Board At Large, Seat 116/13/2008
Johnson, GaryProperty Appraiser16/17/2008
Klos, LevkoSupervisor of Elections610/9/2007
Knight, TomSheriff74/1/2008
Kovach, FrankSchool Board, District 331/5/2004
Lavarello, CurtisSheriff88/24/2007
Layton, CathyCharter Review Board, District 216/10/2008
Malone, MargueriteHospital Board At Large, Seat 312/14/2008
Mason, CarolynCounty Commissioner, District 185/30/2008
Mercier, PaulCounty Commissioner, District 1212/3/2007
Miller, JonoCounty Commissioner, District 191/4/2008
Moore, FrankCharter Review Board, District 315/13/2008
Mullarkey, JohnCounty Commissioner, District 183/17/2008
Nisco, MarieCharter Review Board, District 516/13/2008
Parks, ClintBobcat Trail CDD, Seat 516/19/2008
Penn, AlanHospital Board At Large, Seat 286/2/2008
Porter, RamonCharter Review Board, District 581/22/2008
Prade, Jean-NoelHospital Board Northern District, Seat 136/19/2008
Puleo, MillicentSchool Board, District 251/31/2008
Redding, RichardCounty Commissioner, District 146/11/2008
Rushing, KarenClerk of the Circuit Court21/7/2008
Stanley, RyanCharter Review Board, District 176/20/2008
Staub, ShannonCounty Commissioner, District 359/5/2007
Sullivan, BarrySupervisor of Elections910/19/2007
Thaxton, JonCounty Commissioner, District 537/6/2007
Todora, JimProperty Appraiser51/8/2008
Turner, MarshallVenetian CDD, Seat 316/18/2008
Turner, RonSupervisor of Elections61/2/2008
Wilson, JamieCharter Review Board, District 485/28/2008
Worthington, BryanCharter Review Board, District 373/20/2006
Zucker, CarolineSchool Board, District 252/16/2006
Committee Reports Last Filed

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