Sarasota County, FL - Board of Elections
Candidate Finance Reports
2012 Election Cycle
Candidate Office Reports Last Filed
Barcomb, DonnaCharter Review Board, District 281/7/2013
Brill, VictoriaSupervisor of Elections510/16/2012
Cajka, PaulCharter Review Board, District 1411/2/2012
Capozzi, WilliamLakeside Plantation CDD, Seat 4310/15/2012
Carafelli, TeresaHospital Board Central District, Seat 11012/20/2012
Carusone, VanessaCounty Commissioner, District 598/31/2012
Cisewski, KenBobcat Trail CDD, Seat 31111/15/2012
Coe, AlexandraCharter Review Board, District 2112/5/2013
Cohen, JenniferCounty Commissioner, District 3142/13/2013
Connelly, KevinCharter Review Board, District 592/13/2013
Copeland, RobertCharter Review Board, District 227/3/2012
Fellin, JohnCharter Review Board, District 5811/30/2012
Ford-Coates, BarbaraTax Collector76/20/2012
Furst, BillProperty Appraiser57/10/2012
Goldman, JudyCounty Judge, Group 417/11/2012
Greisz, SharonLakeside Plantation CDD, Seat 582/1/2013
Gustafson, H.Charter Review Board, District 1511/5/2012
Hawkins, MarkCharter Review Board, District 4411/3/2012
Hines, CharlesCounty Commissioner, District 581/14/2013
Impastato, CarlThe Woodlands CDD Seat 5211/1/2012
Knight, TomSheriff68/17/2012
Kovach, FrankSchool Board, District 369/3/2012
Lawson, MarjorieBobcat Trail CDD, Seat 31312/12/2012
Malone, MargueriteHospital Board At Large, Seat 327/6/2012
Mason, CarolynCounty Commissioner, District 169/4/2012
McLendon, RandyCounty Commissioner, District 5410/8/2012
Miller, Alexandra "Alex"Hospital Board Central District, Seat 1511/20/2012
Nisco, MarieCharter Review Board, District 248/20/2012
Parks, ClintBobcat Trail CDD, Seat 5911/15/2012
Powell, CharlieSchool Board, District 338/3/2011
Robinson, ChristineCounty Commissioner, District 31011/3/2012
Rosenfield, LouisCounty Commissioner, District 516/21/2012
Rushing, KarenClerk of the Circuit Court92/7/2013
Sawyer, JosephCharter Review Board, District 148/20/2012
Scolaro, JohnCharter Review Board, District 598/20/2012
Slider, BrianCounty Commissioner, District 51011/8/2012
Stephens, CamilleLakeside Plantation CDD, Seat 4611/2/2012
Sublett, RobertClerk of the Circuit Court81/4/2013
Thaxton, JonSupervisor of Elections910/19/2012
Tower, FredCharter Review Board, District 349/13/2012
Trevor, TomCharter Review Board, District 449/17/2012
Turner, RonSupervisor of Elections139/17/2012
Underwood, JamesThe Woodlands CDD Seat 4211/1/2012
Wayman, PatCharter Review Board, District 349/18/2012
Zucker, CarolineSchool Board, District 249/4/2012
Committee Reports Last Filed
Better Sarasota Schools for Less91/6/2013
Citizens for Better Schools Inc1710/1/2013
Citizens for Quality Government 101/28/2013
Citizens Have Rights In Sarasota (ECO)71/3/2013
Control Growth Now PAC91/10/2013
Republican Party of Sarasota910/2/2013
Sarasota Alliance for Fair Elections (SAFE)91/6/2013
Sarasota County Democratic Party 51/11/2013
Sarasota Demands Accountability INC101/3/2013