Candidate Finance Reports
2014 Election Cycle
Candidate Office Reports Last Filed
Brill, John (Jack)Hospital Board Northern District, Seat 2810/16/2014
Brown, ShirleySchool Board, District 41411/24/2014
Buchand, ValerieCharter Review Board, District 11411/1/2014
Butz, StefanHospital Board Northern District, Seat 188/30/2014
Cajka, PaulCharter Review Board, District 1911/20/2014
Caragiulo, PaulCounty Commissioner, District 22410/31/2014
Carter, GregoryHospital Board Southern District, Seat 2210/1/2014
Coe, AlexandraCounty Commissioner, District 22211/7/2014
Cohen, JenniferCharter Review Board, District 3162/2/2015
Denkin, DavidCounty Judge, Group 265/28/2014
DeVirgilio, JosephHospital Board Central District, Seat 258/21/2014
Dillon, BruceCharter Review Board, District 51510/30/2014
Dorfman, RichardCharter Review Board, District 2151/30/2015
Dunn, RobertBobcat Trail CDD, Seat 117/21/2014
Fields, StevenCharter Review Board, District 1152/2/2015
Gabbert, JamesCharter Review Board, District 41711/21/2014
Garofalo, DavidHospital Board Southern District, Seat 1811/24/2014
Goodwin, JaneSchool Board, District 5128/22/2014
Hodges, VeltonSchool Board, District 1811/24/2014
Jasper, JerryVenetian CDD, Seat 4, Dist. 4151/30/2015
Justice, JosephCharter Review Board, District 3152/2/2015
Lane, EmilyCharter Review Board, District 137/18/2014
Machado, ShawnaCharter Review Board, District 4152/4/2015
Maio, AlanCounty Commissioner, District 42610/31/2014
Marsh, KenSchool Board, District 1212/2/2015
McAllister, SteveCounty Commissioner, District 21310/24/2014
McLendon, RandySchool Board, District 51010/8/2014
Minder, JohnCounty Commissioner, District 4161/30/2015
Monti, RichardLakeside Plantation CDD, Seat 2109/19/2014
Nighswander, VickiCharter Review Board, District 2152/4/2015
Nowak, JuliaCharter Review Board, District 5152/4/2015
Page, RichardSchool Board, District 463/10/2014
Porter, RamonCounty Commissioner, District 4192/3/2015
Ramirez, LourdesCounty Commissioner, District 41611/21/2014
Renihan, ThomasBobcat Trail CDD, Seat 419/17/2014
Schafer, PaulSchool Board, District 11012/4/2014
Slider, BrianCharter Review Board, District 5109/7/2014
Snyder, ShannonCounty Commissioner, District 21011/12/2014
Strasser, RobertHospital Board Northern District, Seat 21010/21/2014
Sutphin, MichaelHospital Board Central District, Seat 2811/26/2014
Theisen, PeteCounty Commissioner, District 2281/30/2015
Van Allen, William 'Bill"Charter Review Board, District 2172/10/2015
Wolff, HelenSchool Board, District 42312/10/2014
Ziegler, BridgetSchool Board, District 11710/31/2014
Committee Reports Last Filed
Better Sarasota Schools for Less127/25/2014
Citizens for Better Schools Inc291/5/2015
Citizens Have Rights In Sarasota (ECO)138/1/2014
Control Growth Now PAC251/12/2015
Open Our Elections261/7/2015
Republican Party of Sarasota81/12/2015
Sarasota Alliance for Fair Elections (SAFE)261/7/2015
Sarasota Citizens for Our Schools61/8/2015
Sarasota County Democratic Party 131/12/2015
Save Our Community Hospital161/6/2015