Sarasota County, FL - Board of Elections

Candidate Statement

Gwynne T. Balson (incumbent)

I have lived in Lakeside since September 2004, and fell in love first with the entry way - the majestic floral covered arbors and fountains that said "welcome" to
Lakeside. Over the past years have seen many many changes, some positive and some negative.
My past goal as a Board Supervisor was to serve (and still is) the community as a whole, which means really listening when the residents talk not just giving them
lip service. It is not only "my money" we are charged with in seeing over, but their money as well. We need to be careful especially in the ecomomy we are currently in, to watch our funds carefully and only consider those improvements which are absolutely necessary - not just the "wish lists" - there will be time down the road to accomplish those goals.
Thanking you for your past support and asking for your
vote for the election in 2010.: