Sarasota County, FL - Board of Elections

Candidate Statement

Dawn B. Moore

A full-time resident since 2006, I have been a regular visitor for 50 plus years. Our County has grown and changed. I am happy to now call Englewood home.

After 22 years in the life insurance industry, I retired to the Florida Keys. I was elected to the board of the Marathon Yacht Club including Commodore in 2002. I have served on the boards of the Florida Council of Yacht Clubs board and the Heart of the Keys Recreation Center

Quilting is my creative outlet and I just finished three years as President of the (300+ member) Venice Area Quilters Guild and am a member of the Friendship Knot Quilters Guild of Sarasota. I am a passionate advocate for better breast cancer care and education. A rezoning petition in my neighborhood sparked my involvement with county government land use issues. While attending Sarasota County Citizens Academy (Civics 101) in 2008, I read our County Charter for the first time.

Sarasota County voters chose “home rule” in 1971 rather than operate under the rules of the state. We are unique in that our Charter Review Board (CRB) is elected and not appointed. Our Charter can be changed only by a majority vote of our citizens. I follow “the notion that the government closest to the people is the appropriate authority to serve the needs and requirements of the community. Home rule is the right of the people to determine and implement a public purpose at the grassroots level” (1).

I promise to study all issues involving our County Charter thoroughly and thoughtfully and will work to improve local government and to protect our voter rights.

Please vote for me on August 24th.

Dawn Moore

(1) From the Florida Association of Counties 2009-10 Guiding Principles