Sarasota County, FL - Board of Elections

Candidate Statement

Robert W. Copeland

Hello. My name is Robert Copeland and I am running for the Charter Review Board District 2. Thank you for viewing my biography and taking the time to learn a bit more about who I am and why I am running to represent you on the County Charter.

First off a bit of background information: I was born in South Dakota and moved to Sarasota in 1992. I have always viewed myself as a blue collar hard working individual and am currently employed at Mattison's on Main Street. I also am a small business owner and run a pressure washing company.
I became interested in politics more out of a growing sense of concern about how government whether it be local or federal has continued to grow, in my opinion, more distant and less interested with the citizens they represent. I feel that as a member of the Charter Review Board I can help keep the charter elected, not appointed and also open to the voices of the people while continuing its tradition of working with our commissioners. I am a supporter of home rule and believe that an informed and active electorate is the best way to maintain our freedoms while limiting the power of government. Let freedom reign.
Thank you.