Candidate Statement

Steven R. Fields


Without reservation, I declare that I am a conservative. Growing up in a family with generations of military service, I developed early on a great reverence for this nation and the principles that are embodied in our Constitution. To me, the Constitution is the bedrock upon which the patriots laid the foundations of these United States. I feel that this document is not to be treated trivially or as outdated.

Here in Sarasota, because of Home Rule, we have a Charter - the constitution for our county if you will. As I see it, the Charter establishes for the county government the powers it may wield and the limits that must operate within. The Charter is the framework within which our elected officials carry out their duties as public servants.

The Charter Review Board is charged with reviewing and recommending changes to the County Charter - the structure of our local government. This is a task that requires deliberation and thoughtful analysis, not political activism.

I am not a politician and I have never run for public office. I have no agenda other than to ensure that our government here in Sarasota can run with efficiency, with fiscal responsibility, and with respect for the rights and desires of the voters. If you would like to be represented by someone who will vigilantly and honestly address every issue brought before the board, then I ask respectfully for your vote.

Steven R. Fields