Candidate Statement

Cathy Hodgson

Cathy Hodgson is a candidate for Sarasota County School Board, district 4. She and her husband, Dr. Mario Hodgson, founded Eye Clinic for Animals of Sarasota, a veterinary practice limited to ophthalmology, in 2007. She is the clinic’s administrative director. A major factor in their decision to open a business and settle in Sarasota was the benefit to their four children of being in a community of entrepreneurs, artists, and retirees from around the world who have a proven reputation for giving back to the community.

She recently traveled to Denver, Colorado to interview officers of the Denver Public Schools Foundation, which raised $10 million last year to support auxiliary programs in the financially strapped district, which is roughly double the size of the Sarasota County district. The creative solutions they have implemented with success are only some of the examples of innovative ideas working in school districts across the country, based on private business principles. She will apply common sense in creative ways to deliver the best possible student results even in tough budgeting conditions.

Hodgson serves on the board of the Humane Society of Sarasota County, and chaired the committee overseeing the recent $600,000 kennel renovation that will be unveiled this summer.

Dr. and Mrs. Hodgson live on Siesta Key with their four children and two dogs.