Candidate Statement

Shirley Brown (Incumbent)

Shirley is a parent, grandparent, businesswoman and taxpayer in Sarasota County. Four generations of the Brown family live here. As a school board member, Shirley has dedicated herself to preserving the quality educational system this district has come to expect.

Despite state funding cuts of more than $70 million, the Sarasota County school district:
- Consistently earns an "A" FCAT rating,
- Demonstrates exceptional academic performance
-Provides high quality Art & Music programs
- Attracts/retains top teachers by offering some of the most competitve salaries in Florida.

Shirley's business expertise and former state legislative experience have contributed to her diligent fiscal management of the district's financial health. The district has one of the highest credit ratings and unreserved fund balances in the state. She is a passionate advocate for education on local, state and national levels.

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