Sarasota County, FL - Board of Elections

Candidate Statement

Shelli Freeland Eddie

Many years ago, my parents taught me that we are one community working together for a common goal. Throughout the last 10 years of serving our great City, I’ve met wonderful people and organizations that share in this belief− people with genuine concerns, and practical solutions. Working together through innovation, creativity, and problem solving, we can move Sarasota forward. I love our city! I love the potential that exists here! I love that everyone matters here! Thank you for investing in the future leadership of the place we call home.

Our Key Issues:

Responsive Government
• Regularly update residents on issues affecting our district
• Give the public a real spot at the table in the decision-making process
• Commit to regular office hours to meet with constituents

Fiscal Responsibility
• Scrutinize the necessity and viability of costly expenditures
• End the backroom deals and interest group influence
• Closely follow the Bay Front plans to ensure prudence
• Optimize use of city dollars through collaboration with the Downtown CRA Advisory Board
• Implement revenue generating park programs

Fresh Leadership
• Keep the promises we made to our retired officers and firefighters
• Create incentives for recruiting high-quality public servants
• Work to repair relationships with the County Commission
• Support responsible development that benefits all of us
• Finally take action on the issue of homelessness
• Keep Bobby Jones golf course accessible to everyone


"I am proud to support Shelli. I know her to be a passionate thinker who demonstrates community concern by her involvement. Sarasota has and will continue to benefit
from Shelli's public service."
Florida House Representative Darryl Rouson

“Attorney Shelli Freeland Eddie is brilliant and articulate, the
kind of visionary strategist we need to help lead Sarasota to
be an even better place to live for all of its citizens.”
Lisa Merritt, M.D., District 3 Business Owner

“I’ve known Shelli for 8 years. I endorse Shelli because I respect her integrity, experience and service to the community.”
Adam Tebrugge, Former Public Defender

"Commissioners would serve taxpayers better to bring in a younger, fresher perspective — Shelli Freeland Eddie. The
Sarasota City Commission and city needs ‘new’ and ‘different.’”
Longboat Key Observer – “Our View” Nov. 13, 2014

Endorsed by the Realtors Association of Sarasota County


J.D., Law, University of Kentucky
B.A., Political Science, University of Kentucky

Attorney and Small Business Owner
Former Assistant State Attorney for the 12th Judicial Circuit

Board and Community Service in Sarasota:
City of Sarasota Human Relations Board
Community Redevelopment Advisory Act (CRA) Board
Mentor, Take Stock In Children
Board Member, YMCA Y-Achievers Program
Pro Bono Attorney, Women’s Resource Center

Contact Us!
Zachary Morrison – Campaign Manager (941) 544-5290