Candidate Statement

Vanessa Carusone

I am running for North Port City Commission, District #1 seat. I am a longtime resident of North Port who served two consecutive terms as a city commissioner (2002-2010). During that time, I lobbied in Tallahassee to fight for a 80-bed hospital. Our Board partnered with Sarasota Memorial for our North Port Emergency Room. I worked with the now defunct youth advisory board getting North Port High School students active in city government, voted to bring additional sidewalks and streetlights in the eastern end of town.

Understanding the growth of the city, I voted to build additional fire stations and a police sub station to service the entire town. I also worked to get city commission agendas and the back up material online for residents to see in advance of the meetings. I served on the Metropolitan Planning Organization and helped bring funding to the city for the widening of Sumter Boulevard.

I fought for more ball fields, Park refurbishment and sidewalks in North Port. My proudest accomplishment is the Morgan Center. I championed making special events easier to hold in the city. I've worked with Sarasota County Area Transit to expand bus routes in the city and many other local governments and groups to enhance North Port. Visit for a more detailed list of my accomplishments and involvement.