Candidate Statement

Cory Hutchinson

I'm Cory Hutchinson, and I'm running for North Port City Commission District Seat 1. I have been a resident of North Port for sixteen years, moving here from Sarasota when I was four years old. I've seen how North Port has grown, and all the changes that we've faced.

North Port is unique in that we still have so much room to grow, and so many choices to make. We need not make the mistakes of our neighbors. We must, instead, protect our environment, promote what makes us unique, and foster an environment that invites career and education opportunities to North Port. We must support our parks and recreation, and promote them, as our many young families enjoy these aspects of our community.

With a diverse population, we need to have a community that works for everyone, from the youth, to the seniors. We must unite our community, stand together, and open the doors of City Hall for the people once again. North Port has great potential, and we can become the greatest city in the state of Florida if we make the right choices.

It's time for new leadership in North Port.

-Cory's Plan-
-Bring Accountability to City Hall
-Promote Fiscal Responsibility
-Help Small Businesses
-Support Parks and Recreation
-Unite our Community