Candidate Statement

Vic Rohe

Vic has a track record of service to the Sarasota County community and is well experienced in Legal and Regulatory systems. The benefit of having Vic on the CRB is that he will use his dedication & experience to help shape legislation for voter approval, only when prudent, and discourage ill advised or unnecessary changes to the Charter.

Vic is committed to keeping the CRB independent and elected by the voters.

Vic's service to Sarasota community organizations include; Membership Chairman of the Sarasota Republican Executive Committee, Vice President of his homeowners association, President of the Manasota 10-13 Club, Board Member of the Fraternal Order of Police and member of Toastmasters International Chapter 1958.

Vic's experience includes employment as a Stock Broker/Financial Consultant, Real Estate Brokerage Owner, Mortgage Broker and Police Administrative Lieutenant. Vic is also a licensed Multi-Engine Commercial Pilot and Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer.

Vic's reputation is one of "he says what he means and means what he says". You can count on Vic to look after your rights and best interests.

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