Candidate Statement

Walt Augustinowicz

Walt Augustinowicz is the founder and CEO of Identity Stronghold. Walt pioneered the entire RFID protection industry over 10 years ago creating dozens of jobs for Sarasota County by building the ID Stronghold headquarters in Englewood. Walt and his products have been featured in nearly 100 news broadcasts, from shows such as Fox and Friends, Anderson Cooper, Discovery Channel, Inside Edition, and more. Walt's mission is to educate and protect the public from the dangers of electronic pickpocketing.

Walt, a Venice High School graduate, knows what it takes to build a business from the ground up in Sarasota. He also realizes how regulations and government power can also hurt those people trying to follow in his footsteps building their own businesses.

Walt is no stranger to standing up on behalf of citizens. In his position of Vice President of the Citizens Tax Oversight Committee, he was the first to recognize that Sarasota County was breaking the law in their spending of surtax dollars by not properly recording interest on money they borrowed.

Some in Sarasota's powerful political establishment are currently working behind the scenes to dissolve the independently elected charter review board and replace it with a puppet appointed board, thus taking away a powerful avenue citizens currently have to affect their own county charter. Walt plans to stop this and to keep the elected charter review board an open forum for county residents.

Please vote for Walt Augustinowicz for Charter Review Board District 5 on August 30th and November 8th.