Candidate Statement

Wesley Anne Beggs

Wesley comes from a family of Floridians and was born and raised in Tampa, Florida. She moved to Sarasota almost 10 years ago to attend New College of Florida, The Honors College of Florida, where she graduated with a degree in Political Science. Since graduating, Wesley has launched her own marketing and media agency that supports local businesses, petition initiatives, and community building organizations.

In addition to forming her own business, Wesley has dedicated countless hours to community service across Sarasota County. Although she is involved in many initiatives, she is most passionate about serving Sarasota teenagers. She secured grant funding for a peer mediation program that teaches local high school students non-violent conflict resolution techniques and, through this program, she has had the opportunity to work with dozens of students at Sarasota Military Academy, Riverview High School, and Sarasota High School. She has also served as a mentor to Booker High School students through SailFuture, a transformational youth development program that uses sailing to build trust.

Wesley is dedicated to bringing true representation to our County Commission and understands that it is time to stand up for the environment, affordable housing, and sustainable economic development. Status quo is no longer an option when our beautiful landscape is in danger, our workforce is unheard, and development is ruled by build first, ask questions second