Candidate Statement

Vicki Lynn Nighswander

I have lived full time in Sarasota for 14 years. I have served on the Human Services Advisory Council, the Sewer and Water Advisory Committee, various HOA Board positions. Developed a model operations manual for a local business, completed County Civics 101 and last year became a Master Gardener besides serving on the candidate interview committee for Sierra Club, doing poll work and various other volunteer activities. My career was in public health mainly as a supervisor. I have a BS in Biology, MAT in Secondary Sciences, MPH in Health Behavior/ Health Education with a minor in Administration. I developed and ran a Mosquito education, monitoring and control program in response to an encephalitis outbreak in Ohio. I did rabies work, food service and swimming pool inspections, designed sewage and water systems and dealt with water and foodborne illnesses. I won a grant to reduce a surge of infant mortality in an international population. I was the first coordinator and supervisor of the HIV/STD Program and Clinic for Washtenaw County and wrote the initial operating procedures. I was the Regional Planning Committee chair . I was able to get the two competing hospitals infectious disease departments to provide staffing at the clinic. The providers and the community benefitted from this collaborative effort.
I believe in community health assessments and effective and efficient planning, implementation and evaluation. Later in my career I supervised substance abuse and worksite wellness.
I have written and gotten a number of grants and was the administrator of several including a Substance Abuse Prevention social marketing campaign after updating my skills at USF in Social Marketing in Public Health.
Since I have dealt with communicable disease and partner notification and we are in the midst of this Covid-19 pandemic and no other candidate nor present member of the public Hospital Board has this experience, I feel it is important to our community to have someone like myself on the Board.

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