Sarasota County, FL - Board of Elections

Candidate Statement

Jennifer Cohen

I love Sarasota County, I was raised in Florida my entire life and was born in Orlando. I understand the environmental issues facing our beautiful state and Sarasota and I will do everything in my power as your next County Commissioner to protect our environment.

I care about the elders in our community and I will fight for strong programs and financial support to the agencies providing support to the residents aging in place in our community.

I support safe bike paths and I support dog parks even on the beaches of Sarasota. We love our pets in Sarasota.

I do not support eliminating the restriction known as concurrency. A development must not be approved unless the roads and other facilities needed to serve the development are in place concurrent (at the same time), as the impacts of that development. If a road serving a development does not have adequate capacity to handle its traffic. I will NOT vote for this type of development.

I do NOT support loosening controls on development in our rural lands; this will only creates more urban sprawl.

I do NOT support County ordinances that allow unlimited building heights.

I understand that an over-supply of residential and commercial development will add to the glut and makes the current problems worse. We cannot make it more difficult for people to sell or rent their properties.

I am a candidate for the people and with me as your County Commissioner, your voices will be heard.

I thank you and ask for your support and vote.

Jennifer Cohen