Candidate Statement

Paul A. Cajka Sr.

Hello Sarasota County voters! I am Paul A. Cajka Sr. I am running county wide to represent District 1 on the Sarasota County Charter Review Board. Since 2008 I have lived in the Bayou Oaks neighborhood of the City of Sarasota. Since my move to Sarasota in 1999 I have also resided in Central Sarasota County and North Venice. Currently I am a member of the Bayou Oaks Neighborhood Association and the Sarasota YMCA Sharks Masters Swim Team. Since 2009 I have served as the Republican Precinct Chairman for Precinct 115 (Newtown).
The main reason I am seeking to be elected to the Charter Review Board is to give back to the citizens of Sarasota County for the excellent education my son and daughter received. Both of them graduated from Riverview High before completing college educations at SCF, USF and UCF with high honors. Service has also been a part of my life since enlisting in the US Navy in 1981 after graduation from The Pennsylvania State University in 1979. I served in the Navy until 2007 when I retired from the Naval Reserve. From 1990 to 1999 I lived in Virginia Beach, VA. I was active there in community activism and politics.
Above all, I promise to do my best for the community and citizens on the Charter Review Board. I will give it all of the attention and preparation the CRB deserves as a major board of the County. If you elect me to the Charter Review Board I will devote all the time it takes to do it right. Even though it is an unpaid position it is as much a position of public trust as any other elected position in Sarasota County.
I promise to consider fairly and consistently any proposals to amend the home rule charter of Sarasota County. There are a lot of very smart, talented and experienced residents and groups in our county. It would be unwise to not welcome ideas from any individual or group in Sarasota County. The county needs reasonable growth to expand opportunities and prosperity for all of the citizens of Sarasota County. The Charter is our county’s focused constitution and we need to make it a document that facilitates a better county and does not restrict it.
Finally, we need to maintain the most unique aspect of our Charter. Our county’s Home Rule Charter provides for election by the voting citizens to the CRB. No other county in Florida has an elected Charter Review Board that stays in an almost continuous session. This allows us to consider amendments to the Charter individually rather than in large unwieldy packages once every five or ten years. We need to keep the CRB elected.
Thanks for taking the time to read this statement. I respectfully ask for your prayers, support and, above all, your vote on Election Day. Remember, vote for me Paul A. Cajka Sr. I am the first choice for the District and County.