Sarasota County, FL - Board of Elections

Candidate Statement

William "Bill" Van Allen Jr.

Why am I running? Since Charter Review Board is an unpaid position, obviously, it's not for the salary.

The function of the Charter Review Board is to place recommendations for amending the Charter on a ballot for an up or down vote by county voters. In this way, the CRB is able to give voters a say in how their county government is set up.

Sarasota is one of only 21 of the 67 counties in Florida that has taken the responsibility for setting up the structure of local county government. The Charter is the document that was created to serve the same function for Sarasota County that the U.S. Constitution does for the government in Washington, D. C. It establishes the rules by which Sarasota County government operates.

These rules are not static, however, and may be amended by a vote of the people, much as the Florida Constitution may be amended. In Sarasota County, amending the Charter requires only a majority vote, while amending the Florida Constitution now requires a supermajority of 60%. More information is at

It is to preserve the power of the voters to change their government that I am running for an seat on the Sarasota County Charter Review Board in District 2, while it is still possible to elect members to the CRB.

About me:
Sarasota resident for 27 years, attended Western Michigan University and lived in Michigan for 22 years before moving to Florida.

Self-employed musician for most of my adult life. Most recently owner of a floral business, Bill’s Buds, for 11 years.

Currently playing guitar in the pit band for the Westcoast Black Theatre Troupe (WBTT) production of “Little Shop of Horrors” through November 16, 2014.

Numerous terms as Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Sarasota County between1996 and 2014, Libertarian candidate for Florida House District 69 in 2002 and 2004, instrumental in getting Sarasota City Commissioners to add Sarasota’s name to the list of cities and counties nationwide opposing the USAPATRIOT Act, active in the SAVE Coalition which passed the Voter-Verified Paper Ballot Charter Amendment to ensure fair and secure elections.