Candidate Statement

Shannon Snyder

Shannon Snyder
Age: 48
Occupation: Currently I am a City of Sarasota Commissioner.
Retired, Sarasota County Sheriff's Deputy where I proudly served for 25 years.

Address: 1985 S. Jefferson Ave Sarasota, FL 34239

Birthplace: Lifetime resident of Sarasota, FL
Family: I am married to my High School sweetheart and the love of my life, Teresa Taft and we have 5 wonderful children: Ashley (24) Hunter (22), Chase (19), Amanda (15), Samantha (14)

Religion: Christian. We are members of the Church of Hope Family

Education/Degrees: I am a graduate of Sarasota High School Class of 1983, and attended Manatee Community College

Civic Involvement: Past President Arlington Park Association

Endorsements: I am not backed by special interests.

Offices Held:
Mayor, City of Sarasota - 2013 - 2014
Current City of Sarasota Commissioner

Other Government Services:
Vice Chair Manatee/Sarasota Metropolitan Planning Organization 2014
Chairman, City of Sarasota Planning Board
City of Sarasota Transportation Board
Sarasota Memorial Hospital Neighborhood Advisory Board
Charter Review Board, City of Sarasota 2010 - 2011

Key Issue 1: I am opposed to changing the 2050 plan. The abandonment of fiscal neutrality will place the cost of growth onto the taxpayer. It will also set up competition for infrastructure dollars at the cost of South County projects. In my many years of serving on the City Planning Board I have learned the negative effects that urban sprawl has on our community. Only with proper planning, will Sarasota County maintain its high quality of life.

Key Issue 2: Returning integrity to Sarasota County government. If you want status quo, I am not your candidate. I decided to run when the County Ethics Officer was fired.

Key Issue 3: I will represent taxpayer interests, not special interests. As a City Commissioner, I have never voted to raise property taxes. I have never voted to raise business taxes. As a County Commissioner, I will hold the budget at the current tax level.

Q & A
Assess the performance of the county administrator.
It takes no talent to be a critic. Mr. Harmer is performing his duties as administrator under very difficult circumstances.
What is your assessment of the Sarasota 2050 plan?
The original plan was well thought out and fully debated in the community. However, the current proposed changes will be a gutting of the intended vision and will only lead to urban sprawl.

What additional steps, if any, should county government take in response to homelessness? Specifically address whether you support or oppose a “come as you are” shelter.
A "come as you are" shelter will NOT solve the problem. It has no requirements on the homeless and will only perpetuate the increase of homelessness in our community.
Chronic homelessness is costly to our community. Currently 20% of our county jail population is homeless. We cannot arrest our way out of the problem. I believe a better alternative is to establish a program that addresses the mental health and substance abuse of our homeless. We all agree that we want a clean and safe downtown. I do not support building a "come as you are" shelter. It will not solve the homeless problem in Sarasota.

What should the County Commission do about Warm Mineral Springs?
The decision by Sarasota County to sell its share of Mineral Springs to the City of North Port was the right decision. I want one provision added to the sale contract. Sarasota County should be given the right of first refusal if the City of North Port decides to sell it in the future. This will secure public ownership for future generations.

Please state, in 250 words or less, why you believe you should be elected to this office.
Sarasota County is at a crossroads. It has growth issues, long-term infrastructure needs and budgetary pressures. I have the proven leadership in protecting the taxpayer’s interests. I have never voted for a tax increase.
My core values and ethical integrity will guide me as I represent everyone in Sarasota County, not the special interest groups.

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