Candidate Statement

Steve McAllister

Steve McAllister has an extensive history as a multi-faceted artist, community activist, caregiver, and all around Renaissance man. The author the Kerouacian travelogue The Rucksack Letters and the Sarasota-based novel of philosophical science fiction How to Survive an Estralarian Mind Meld, Steve was recently featured as Sarasota's first settler William Whitaker in the Sarasota-produced film No Real Than You Are, which was featured at Cannes and the Sarasota Film Festival. A featured musical artist on the 4th Noise Ordinance compilation of Sarasota original music with his song "If Only," he is currently producing his second song "Long Crawl" utilizing time dollars through the Common Wealth Time Bank, a complimentary currency system he started through Transition Sarasota and the Peace Education and Action Center that allows Manasota citizens to meet one another's needs through the exchange of time instead of money.

Steve's collaborative art installation "The Labyrinth of the Unbroken Path" has not only been featured at local festivals like ArtSlam, the Harvey Milk Festival, and the Sarasota Chalk Festival, but has taken its message of goodwill and encouragement to the Earthdance festival in Lakeland and the Gratiflly Music and Arts Festival in South Carolina. The Unbroken Path of which he speaks is the realization of our common ground with the understanding that beyond the methods we use to get there or the vantage points we rest at, we are all seeking the same goal of living life to its fullest potential and becoming what we were created to be. Through the creative expression of philosophy, and a year of not using money, Steve believes that greater economic balance can be found not by focusing all of our energy on the finite tool of finance, but on the emotional health that comes with Artistry, the mental development of good Business practices, the physical restoration that comes with good Citizenry, and the spiritual cultivation of Charity, a paradigm he calls ABC (squared) Economics.

Steve is currently testing his theory through The Flow Factory, a community flex space where he serves as Director of Operational Development, or DOOD. He has been the host of the WSLR radio show Oikonomia, a Greek work which means "rules of the house" from which we get the word "economy," and is the anchor host of the new show "Renaissance SRQ." A native of Sarasota, Steve believes that Sarasota can move beyond many of its challenges by focusing on measures of Sustainability, Resilience, and Quality of Life.

Steve cares about expanding the food shed through the cultivation of more community and urban gardens, seeking more efficient and abundant sources of energy, developing local arts into the economic generator that it can be, and finding shelter for every Sarasota resident in hopes that they might find their place of belonging and contribute as the asset that they are. A true fiscal conservative, Steve believes in the beauty of hard work and opening up to the greater economy of resourcefulness, repurposing, and realizing the potential of the paradise for which we are caretakers. Steve McAllister believes that politics should move past parties, and get down to the business of creating a collaborative foundation to establish a greater sense of well-being for all. And he believes that any change we wish to see on the global scale must begin locally, by regular, everyday people living the life they know is possible.