Sarasota County, FL - Board of Elections

Candidate Statement

Bridget Ziegler (Incumbent)

Experiences in my life and career have taught me that passion, drive, focus, and perseverance have the ability to create endless opportunities.

Devotion to my faith and my family, and dedication to my community are the cornerstones of how I choose to live my life - all of which excite my innate desire to actively listen to the needs of those I serve and work with.

For a multitude of reasons, we are fortunate to live in Sarasota County. We have beautiful beaches, access to world renowned visual and performing arts, and a school district that is recognized as one of the top districts in the state.

I agree that we provide many of our students in Sarasota County with access to a great education. However, I believe that we must always challenge ourselves to do better and expand on our success.

I have a three point plan to achieve this goal.

1) We must engage and listen to parents. Education begins at home and a family that promotes the importance of education provides the foundation for their child to succeed in school and in the future. It is critical that we encourage and promote engaged and involved parents. We need to ensure we are doing everything we can to open the lines of communication. Their voices matter - and if parents think their voices are being heard, they will get involved.

2) We must free teachers and allow them to teach. I’ve seen first hand, some of the talent that we have within our schools. We must reward our great teachers and empower them to have the freedom to teach in a manner that ensures our students’ succeed.

3) I believe that we must eliminate topdown Washington control of our education system and instead, transfer the power to state and local leaders. Rather than focusing on complying with regulations set by Washington bureaucrats, we should focus on the feedback that we receive from Sarasota County teachers, parents, taxpayers and students. We must ensure that our hard earned tax dollars are spent, not in the administrative building – but in the classroom supporting our teachers.

Simply put, I will fight to put common sense back into our classrooms and curriculum.

When considering experience, I know that I have the strongest experience for an effective board member.

From a very early age, my parents instilled the importance of a strong work ethic. I have worked for a variety of companies throughout my life, beginning as early as 14. Now, as a Commercial Insurance Producer, it is my job to review and protect hundreds of millions of dollars in assets that my business owners have worked hard to create.

It is wonderful to be a part of a community that believes in education so much so that it is willing - even eager, to spend more tax dollars in an effort to provide our children with the best possible education. As a School Board Member, it is critical that we recognize hard earned tax dollars are what fund our budget. It is my duty to make fiscally sound decisions to ensure that measurable metrics are put into place to effectively track the return on our investment.

A school district that provides exceptional education benefits everyone in the community. It benefits the local economy, attracts new families to the area, and increases home values. Most importantly, a world class school district is creating our future business owners, inventors, educators and leaders. Votes that are made on the school board affect current and future students in Sarasota County. My child is a future student, and I will ensure that every decision made is in the best interest of our children.

I am a business woman, an active member of the community and most importantly, as a mother of a young child who will be entering Sarasota County Schools in the near future, I have a vested interest in ensuring the best education possible for both my daughter, and every child in Sarasota County.

I hope you will allow me to continue to serve our community, and that you will cast your vote for me, Bridget Ziegler, on November 4th.

Community Leaders Supporting Bridget Ziegler for School Board:

-U.S. Congressman Vern Buchanan
-Sarasota County Sheriff Tom Knight
-The Observer Newspaper
-Former Sarasota County School Board Member Laura Benson
-State Board of Education Member John Colon
-State Representative Doug Holder
-State Representative Greg Steube
-State Representative Jim Boyd
-State Representative Ray Pilon
-Former State Senator Pat Neal
-Candidate for Florida House of Representatives Julio Gonzalez
-Candidate for County Commission Al Maio
-Candidate for County Commission Paul Caragiulo
-2014 Candidate for School Board Paul Schafer
-2014 Candidate for School Board Velton Hodges
-Community Leader & Entrepreneur Jesse Biter
-Gulf Coast Builders Exchange (GCBX)

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