Vote by Mail Ballot FAQ

Question: What is the deadline for returning my vote-by-mail ballot?
Answer: To be counted, your vote-by-mail ballot must be received in the supervisor of elections office not later than 7 p.m. on Election Day and be otherwise valid. Vote-by-mail ballots may be returned in person or by mail. If you plan to mail your ballot, be sure to mail early to avoid postal service delays.

Question: Will a vote-by-mail ballot be counted if it is postmarked on election day?
Answer: A vote-by-mail ballot can be counted only if it is received in the supervisor’s office by 7 p.m. election day and is otherwise valid.

Question: May I use a courier service such as FEDEX or UPS to return my vote-by-mail ballot?
Answer: Yes.

Question: Are all vote-by-mail ballots counted?
Answer: Unless a vote-by-mail ballot is rejected as illegal by a canvassing board, the ballot is counted.

Question: What would cause a vote-by-mail ballot to be rejected as illegal?
Answer: A vote-by-mail ballot will be rejected if: (1) It is not signed by the voter; (2) The signature does not match the voter's signature on file with the supervisor of elections; (3) It is not returned to the elections office by 7 p.m. on election day.  IMPORTANT: You must sign your ballot. Power of attorney is NOT accepted.

Question: May a candidate solicit requests for vote-by-mail ballots?
Answer: Yes: However, if soliciting by mail, we urge you to let us review your mailer to make sure that it asks for the correct information from the voter.

Question: May a candidate get a list of everyone who has requested a vote-by-mail ballot?
Answer: Yes: We can provide the names and addresses of all voters who have requested vote-by-mail ballots for an election to candidates who have filed qualification papers and are opposed in the coming election, political parties, and political committees (F.S. 101.62).

Question: Is there a charge?
Answer: Yes: There is a charge for a CD, labels or paper lists.

Question: May a candidate look through the vote-by-mail ballots which are returned?
Answer: A candidate (as well as any member of the public) may be present when the vote-by-mail ballots are canvassed and during the opening process. He/she may also review the ballots prior to the canvass during the advertised time period. However, only the supervisor, her employees, or a canvassing board shall handle any official ballot (F.S. 101.572)